Some pictures about our  " iLüi " journey : details of our products from  our CLIENTS, SHOPS,  PRESS, AWARDS WON, MARKETS...

Our hanging lamps made by coffee cans

...second life of a great product....

our Floor Lamp from Olives tin cans

some of our most popular colours

...interior designers with a great style !

some clients with a special taste for design !

a shop

our hanging lamps in an Italian restaurant: HAT hamburgeria agricola toscana pisa

packaging for FLEXO nº001

ILIUI : home, studio and factory :)

...and now.... some PRESS !

nice interview for MERCADO DE MOTORES, Madrid

how we get the first tin cans....

Speach for the award : MEJOR IMAGEN DE MARCA

For the prize : "Mejor empresa innovadora" , we were in Madrid for the meeting with all the "Alcaldes y empresas de España" ( Mayors of the cities )

with Andrea ILLY , in Brazil, attending the event Premio Ernesto.

very first appearance of ILIUI in the press, television : september 2013, EIVISSA

Interview for BETEVÉ televison Barcelona, during Palo Alto Market Fest


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